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Church Health Services renovates facilities to meet community mental health needs

WiscNews - 2/28/2024

Feb. 27—Church Health Services recently renovated its facility to make room for those in need of mental health services.

"We had more counselors in the building at times than we had counseling rooms for them to see clients in, so in order for them to see clients here when they weren't in the schools, we needed more space," said Bev Beal-Loeck, Church Health Services community engagement director.

To create more room, the second floor of the former St. Patrick's Rectory that was made into Church Health Services about a decade ago was transformed from office space to the new mental health program area, and the offices were moved to the former garage area, Beal-Loeck said.

Some of the rooms in the new mental health area are larger, allowing for more people to meet in support groups or as families, while smaller spaces offer a cozy space for individual counseling, Beal-Loeck said.

"We had a chapel at the end of the building, and we sized it down and moved it," Beal-Loeck said. "Our staff sometimes uses it for mediation or sometimes our patients or clients just want a quiet place to be, or it could be used as a counseling room."

A large meeting area has been transformed into a counselor work area. Beal-Loeck said counselors have their own workspace, along with a lockable file cabinet for confidential information. There is also an area where they can have small group meetings.

A separate waiting area also was added that will lead to medical care services being offered again. While there is not start date for medical services to be added, there are plans to begin them soon.

Church Health serves low-income children and adults whose income is under 200% of the federal poverty level. Dental and mental health care

Those in need of services can call Church Health and will be asked if they have Badger Care insurance. Church Health mental health scheduler Tammy Eilbes said those with Badger Care will be asked to come in to fill out intake paperwork. The paperwork is given to a counselor before an appointment is set up for the person.

"If they don't have insurance, they can also come in at a cash rate depending on how much they make per month and how many people are in their family," Eilbes said. "If they have commercial insurance, we do not accept that, because our base is low income or families without insurance."

A new AODA counselor has been hired, which has led to shorter wait times for people in need of services for alcohol or other drug use, but wait times for other mental health services are longer because counselors are also working in schools, Eilbes said. Church Health is looking for additional counselors, but wait times to see a counselor could be up to two weeks to a month.

"If someone would call for an emergency, we do have tools like numbers to give them," Eilbes said.

Counseling services are confidential, as are dental and medical care, Beal-Loeck said.

There are other services in the area for those who need help. Dodge County offers services for anyone in need of help with an addiction. Those in need can call 920-386-4094. Those in crisis can ask to speak to a crisis worker.

Those in need of the services at Church Health Center can call 920-887-1766.

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